MarcusWORD, a place where words are transformed into art. What word will be drawn today?
MarcusWORD is the number one authority and creator of original word art. We take words and transform them into artistic expressions that everyone can enjoy and share.  Words are given new life with bold shapes, colors, and abstract caricatures. Experience the by-product of language in a fresh and unique way.
Boom Boom Pow Pow Owch
Boom explosion cartoon
Peperoni Cheese Pizza Monster
Kim Kardashian cartoon drawing
Prometheus Alien and Engineer
star wars cartoon drawing illustration
alien 1979 movie illustration
flying frisbee cartoon illustration
Duct Tape
cup of coffee hot chocolate
Hammer and Nail


What?   Why?   Who?
MarcusWORD  is language transformed.  What started off as an artistic experiment has become an exercise in word evolution. At  MarcusWORD you  experience the metamorphosis of words into living design. The word inspired compositions on this site exist in an abstract place of random intentionality. This is your invitation to visit that world. See words like you’ve never seen them before. Now updated daily!
  When words are pieced together we make sentences, but words by themselves can be just as powerful. Names, places, and numbers can also pack a punch. Now, if you had to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be? If you could take a picture of a word what would it look like? Now imagine decoding words and translating them into a images. That’s what MarcusWORD does. Behold, some words...
  MarcusWORD features the art of New York City multimedia artist Eric Black. Inspired by the urban graffiti that helped transform New York into a livable canvas in the 80’s, these works are marks of definition. The kinetic concoctions live in the world of Marcus Peblo, hence the name MarcusWORD. Marcus Peblo is a spiritual warrior who fights evil with his art. Take a journey with Eric and Marcus into a realm flooded with words and visuals.
Keeping It Real
Zarcus Peblo
Thug life is alive and well.
Blowing Bubbles
Marcus Peblo
How big can this bubble get?
The Stripes
Marcus Peblo
We all love bands of color.
The First 7
The first 7 MarcusWORDS, combined into one!
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